Creators Alley – Information for Creators

Information for Creators at Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon

The World Science Fiction Convention – Worldcon – is an annual celebration of science fiction and fantasy of all kinds, attracting thousands of fans each year from around the world. In August 2019, it will be coming to Dublin for the first time. Hosted across the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) and the Point Square, Dublin 2019 will be a unique five-day festival of all things fantastic.

The Creators Alley (sometimes called the Artists Alley at other conventions) is a chance for creators of all kinds – artists, crafters, costume makers, game designers, jewellers, self-published authors, and other makers of things – to have a presence at Dublin 2019 and to sell their work without the cost and time commitment of a Dealers’ Table. Tables in the Creators Alley are available in single-day blocks (and as either full 6ft tables, or half-tables), and can be used to sell things, run demonstrations, or just to show the results of your work.

Creators Alley tables will be available at both the CCD and the Point Square. There are different options available at each venue, so please read the information below before making a choice and completing the application form.

At the CCD, the Creators Alley tables will be located in the Exhibits Hall close to the entrance to the convention, along with Dealers’ Tables, Fan Tables, and a variety of displays. This is the larger location for Creators Alley, and will best suit most of the people wanting tables. The CCD also a whole will also include the convention’s major events, and the majority of programming. Tables at the CCD may be requested either as full tables or as half-tables, where you would share a table with another Creator.

At the Warehouse in the Point Square, the Creators Alley tables will be conveniently located next to the convention’s Art Show, along with a crafting lounge, performance space, and more Displays. This location is well suited to anyone who is also displaying their work in the Art Show and who would like to make and sell additional pieces nearby. The Point Square includes the Gibson Hotel with its function spaces, and the Odeon cinema, which will host a significant amount of the convention’s programming.

If you would like to be part of Creators Alley, please submit your application below.

Please not: there are important differences between tables at the two locations, and you will need to choose the location when you apply, so please read the information below before you complete the application form.

Table rates

Tables are priced per day, and you can request either a full table or (at the CCD only) a half-table. These rates do not include memberships or passes (see below):

Day Full table (€) Half-table (€)
Thu 30 20
Fri 50 30
Sat 65 35
Sun 65 35
Mon 30 20


Memberships and Passes

Everyone in the CCD Exhibits Hall must have either a full convention membership or a Hall Pass. These are not included in the table rates, so as to give you the flexibility to choose which you prefer.

A full convention membership allows access to all parts of the convention throughout the weekend, so if you are looking to enjoy the rest of the convention as well as running a table, or if you are planning to participate in the convention programme, you will need a full membership.

For those who are simply staffing a table, a Hall Pass will be more economical: a Pass costs 30€ and is valid for all five days of the convention.  A Hall Pass allows access to the ground floor of the Convention Centre (the CCD Exhibits Hall) and to the bar on the first floor for refreshments, but not to any other parts of the convention. Membership badges are personal, and are not transferable. Hall Passes are linked to your table(s), and may be used by different people on different days. However, there is a strict rule of one person per Pass in the Hall at any one time.

Hall Passes are not available for the Warehouse in the Point Square, so if you have a Creators Alley table there, you must have a full convention membership. This is because the tables there are aimed primarily at artists exhibiting in the Art Show – for which they must have a membership, anyway.

Electricity and WiFi

Electricity is available for Creators Alley tables at the CCD at a flat rate of 12€ per day (so 60€ for the full five days of the convention). This covers a standard supply of 2-3A. If your work means that you will require more power at your table, please indicate this on your form. An additional charge may apply.

There is no electricity available for Creators Alley tables in the Warehouse – we regret that logistical issues make it impractical. If you require electricity, you will need to take a table at the CCD.

Free WiFi will be available at both the CCD and the Warehouse.

Shipping your goods or materials to Dublin

As well as arriving with their goods and materials at the start of the convention, table-holders will be able to ship items in advance to a destination in Dublin, where we will receive them. We will then take care of getting them to the CCD or Warehouse for you. We will publish details of the costs and how to arrange this shortly.

Important information

A Creators Alley table is for the purpose of making and selling appropriate and legal goods, in line with Irish law and the convention’s policies. Creators will be  expected to staff their tables for the whole time that they have booked their tables. All those associated with tables, whether they hold a full membership or a Hall Pass, must abide by the convention’s Code of Conduct.

Please note that you can only book a single table in the Creators Alley. If you would like to book multiple tables, your business may be more appropriate for our Dealers’ Area, instead. Note that Dealers’ Tables may only be booked for the full five days of the convention. See our information for Dealers for details, or contact us at

If you are an artist and a member of the convention, and would like the convention to display and sell your work for you, please contact the art show for more information.

For more information about the location, convention and Exhibits Hall, visit our Dealers and Creators Alley FAQ. If you have any questions not answered there, please contact

Applications for Creators Alley tables have now closed, and we are finalising plans for the convention. If you have already applied for a table, we will be in touch with you very soon (if we haven’t already), and we look forward to seeing you in Dublin!