From the fantastic to the scientific, the Dublin 2019 programming will be welcoming and inclusive to all

Dublin 2019 Presentation at Worldcon 75

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The programme begins midday on Thursday, August 15 and ends in the afternoon on Monday, August 19.

Looking for more specific information? Here’s our link to the comprehensive Programme Q&A, which includes a link to the Participant Query Form (that all prospective programme participants must fill out so that we can contact them).

Dublin 2019 programming will feature an exciting and varied array of sessions that explore the depth and breadth of a world class science fiction convention, delving into speculative fiction, art, comics, music, and gaming with a special focus on Irish themes. From the fantastic to the scientific, our daily schedule will consist of fun and engaging topics that dig into the past, propelling us into countless futures. Our participants will be smart and articulate and our programme will celebrate the best of what Worldcon has to offer.

Explore the Programme Areas that are featured as part of Dublin 2019’s programme. If you have a programme idea to suggest, please use our Idea Submission Form to share your thoughts.

We will offer Panels, Presentations, and Activities including:

  • Special items featuring our Guests of Honour
  • Academic Track
  • Art Programme
  • Children’s and Young Adult Programme
  • Media Programme and Viewings
  • Gaming and Gaming Programme
  • Music, Costuming, and Artistic Programme and Performances
  • Writers Programming and Workshops
  • Fan Chats (Special Interest Group Meetups)
  • And more!

You will be able to get to meet authors, artists, and other programme participants through:

  • Readings and Autographing Sessions
  • Kaffeeklatsches and Literary Beers
  • Strolls with the Stars

For an exciting preview of people who are already confirmed as appearing on the Dublin 2019 programme, take a look at our programme participants listMore names are being added regularly!


The Dublin 2019 programme is welcoming and inclusive to all. If you have questions or needs, please contact our Access team since we are happy to help.

Join the Programme Team

If you are interested in helping as a volunteer staff member for the Dublin 2019 Programme, including any pre-con planning, at-con staffing, or post-con clean up, please complete the general Staff Volunteer form for Dublin 2019 (link below) and be sure to mention that you are interested in being a staff volunteer for Programme.

We appreciate your interest! We look forward to working with you as a potential member of the Dublin 2019 Programme Team. If you have specific programme related questions, please contact

Ian Stockdale & Terry Fong
Dublin 2019 Programme Co-Division Heads