Exhibiting in the Art Show

Show your art at the Dublin 2019 Art Show!

If you’re thinking of showing some of your work in the Art Show, read on… 

The Art Show will be a highlight of Dublin 2019’s Creative Hub, putting it at the heart of the convention’s art, comics and creative activities. From the Art Show to art and comic book programming, workshops and crafting, the Creative Hub will be the place to be!

We expect the Art Show to include about 350 3’ x 4’ pegboard panels, and 20-30 6’ tables for 3-D art. The price per panel/table will be 25€; if you request multiple panels, there will be options for how they are laid out (separately, or joined together). Full details of the options will be available when formal applications open.

As members of the convention, and as exhibitors in the Art Show, artists will be invited to participate in the convention’s programme, including panel discussions, talks, workshops and demonstrations. We are looking to build the strongest possible range of art-related activities around the convention, and we hope that you will take part.

Dublin 2019 will provide a consolidated shipping service from North America to Dublin, which should reduce the cost and difficulty involved in sending artwork to be shown at the convention. Details, including costs and shipping deadlines, will be available in early 2019.

We regret that we will not be able to accept art that is mailed in without someone attending the convention who can take responsibility for it. However, if the artist is not able to attend in person, they may nominate an attending member who can act for them where necessary. 

If you would like to exhibit in the Art Show, and/or sell items  through the Print Shop, you can contact us now at artshow@dublin2019.com to express your interest. Formal applications, and the allocation of space, will open in January 2019. We will aim to allocate all space as fairly as possible, and will ensure that final allocations are given in time for artists to decide which works they wish to exhibit.