Exhibit in the Art Show – information for artists

Information for artists at Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon

The World Science Fiction Convention – Worldcon – is an annual celebration of science fiction and fantasy of all kinds, attracting thousands of fans each year from around the world. In August 2019, it will be coming to Dublin for the first time.

Dublin 2019’s Art Show will include work by the convention’s Featured Artists, and a gallery of drawings, paintings, sculpture and jewellery exhibited by international and Irish artists. You can sell your work in the gallery by auction (bids will be placed via bidding sheets throughout the convention weekend) and/or through ‘buy it now’ instant sales. If you create prints, cards or other smaller items, we can sell them for you via our Print Shop. However you choose to have us sell your artwork for you, our fees are low, so you get to keep more of your sales!

The Art Show will play a major role in the convention’s Creative Hub at the Point Square, one of the Dublin 2019’s two main venues. Much of the convention’s best programming, including art, comics, and science programming, will be held just upstairs from the Art Show, using the Odeon cinema’s high-quality projectors. With a crafting lounge, entertainment, a variety of food in the adjacent mall, and convention receptions to be held next door in the Gibson Hotel, the Creative Hub will be an exciting place to spend the convention.

Art Show fees

Hanging artwork will be displayed on pegboard panels mounted on Heras fencing – we expect there to be around 350 panels. In addition to hanging space, we are also offering table space for the display of 3D artwork. Print reproductions (including of originals exhibited in the Art Show), cards and smaller items may be sold through the Print Shop.

The Art Show fees for exhibiting artists are as follows:

Pegboard panels (3 ft wide x 4 ft high): 25€ each
Full side of Heras fencing section (includes 3 panels as above, plus 1 panel of 2 ft high x 4 ft wide): 80€ each
Tables (6ft long): 25€ each
Print Shop: 15€ (includes a maximum of 40 prints for sale, with a limit of 10 copies of any one print)
Commission: there is a 10% commission charge for all Art Show sales

Shipping your art to Dublin

Dublin 2019 will provide a consolidated shipping service from the US to Dublin, which should reduce the cost and difficulty involved in sending artwork to be shown at the convention. Details, including costs and shipping deadlines, will be available during the spring of 2019.

Convention membership

All of the artworks displayed and sold in the Art Show must have someone attending the convention who can take responsibility for them. If the artist is not able to attend the convention in person, they may nominate an attending member who will be able to act for them where necessary.

Programme Participation

We would love to see artists well represented in the convention’s programme! If you would be interested in taking part in panel discussions, giving a talk, or doing a demonstration or workshop, fill in our programme participation form, and we’ll be in touch!

Creators Alley

If you are exhibiting and selling through the Art Show or Print Shop, and you also want to create and sell items during the convention, take a look at one of our Creators Alley tables next to the Art Show. Sketches, jewellery, personalised items – you can create and sell them on the spot, and direct people to your work in the Art Show, as well! As with the Creators Alley tables at the CCD, these tables are available by the day, to give you maximum flexibility. See the Creators Alley page for details, or contact us at creators-alley@dublin2019.com

Important information

All artwork in the gallery and Print Shop should be in keeping with the convention’s Code of Conduct. In addition, artwork and exhibiting artists must abide by the Art Show’s rules.

We are intending to insure the Art Show as a whole, but we would advise artists to insure any particularly valuable items themselves, especially not-for-sale items.

Registration for the Art Show will close on 10 June 2019. If the Art Show is full before that date, we will update this page accordingly.

If you have any questions about the Art Show or about applying to show your art, please contact us at artshow@dublin2019.com.